Personalized estimate on request
Prices can vary ("package" price) according to the size of the projet
Indicative prices :
Webmastering, leaflets designing : 60 € /h
English : 20 € /h
0,07 € /word
Italian : 20 € /h
0,07 € /word
German : 25 € /h
0,08 € /word
Russian : 30 € /h
0,10 € /word
Minimum for a translation: 20 €
Translations' price may vary from –3 cts a word to +3 cts a word, depending on the deadline.
Realization of interactive communication supports : Websites, Cd-Roms, interactive kiosk Realization of leaflets, posters, menus
Creation of logos
Graphic line definition
Musical composition, assembly of audio and video projects, special effects

Translation in French, English, Italian, German and Russian
Translation and/or writing of administrative and commercial documents, advertising media, texts (short stories, novels)
Interpretership on request
Targeted training in foreign languages, adapted to the professional context (tourism, reception, lodging):
• Initiation and improvement in English, Italian, German, Russian and French as a foreign language, multilingual initiation
• Personalized courses supports, based on the activity and the learning level, including a culture and civilization part
• Construction of an adapted vocabulary by practice and realization of vocabulary cards in direct connection with the activity

Computer initiation, learn how to use softwares, Internet (communication, research)
Flexible courses adapting to your availabilities
Formation on the workplace
Creation of original annoucements (birth, wedding, festival, wishes, etc.) for professionals and individuals
Realization of original supports for cribs and schools (books, Cd-roms)
Writing and illustration of children books where they are the hero of a story written to fit their tastes.
Composition, song writing
Images creation : Pencil, charcoal, gouache, acrylic, oil, drawing and coloring under Photoshop
Legal Mentions - Crédits